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Berry Antioxidant Smoothie Bowl 🍓🫐🍒🍌 Ingredients - 1/2 cup ice fruit pulp + strawberry top ice* (If you are just using normal ice - I recommend throwing in a couple frozen strawberries and cherries) - 1/2 cup frozen banana - 1/2 cup frozen wild blueberry - 1 scoop protein powder (using @lineageprovisions discount is ELLA10) - 1 scoop collagen powder - 1-2 tsp vanilla - Dash of mineral salt - 1/4 cup raw milk or coconut milk or mix (if you need, add more by the tbsp to blend) *I freeze leftover fruit pulp from making syrups, juices, etc…I also freeze the strawberry tops with it with a lil water. Makes the perfect smoothie addition! Additional Toppings: Greek Yogurt, Bee Pollen, Granola, Cacao Nibs, Raw Honey Recipe 1. Add everything to a blender and pulse together 2. May need to shake it up to get to start blending, or add a tad more liquid but eventually it should! 3. Pass the blizzard test 4. Serve with topics & enjoy!!!